On the Road to 30 and Broke

Hello World!

Welcome to “On the Road to 30 and Broke.” This blog will document my three-year journey towards obtaining a Master’s of Fine Arts in Acting. By the end of it all, I will be thirty-years old and broke.

Why have I decided to start this blog? For many reasons. As a 27-year old freelance performer and teaching artist currently residing in Manchester, CT, I find myself in the minority of my peers. Many are in steady relationships, holding decent-paying jobs, having children and getting married. I, on the other hand, am single, and have decided to take off to the great City of New York in order to pursue my lifelong dream of being a professional artist.

A professional artist. The career that you spend more money than you gain. The career that causes people to face more rejection than any one person in a lifetime. The career that puts so much doubt, not from yourself, but from family, peers, and sometimes other professionals, into your head. This causes severe second-guessing and many attempts to change your life path.

But why would I continue on when I won’t make money, when people tell me (or they don’t tell me; their facial expressions say it all) that a career in the arts is not a viable career, and I will miss out on some of the exciting milestones that life has to offer? Well, let me fill you in on a little secret:

” artists have that power to make a lasting impact on the world and society.” (http://www.artpromotivate.com/2013/02/how-artists-can-make-impact-on-world.html)

Just turn on your television or turn on your radio.

My goal, as an artist, is to transform the stories we hear in the news (BBC is my favorite!), the images we see in books and magazines, and the many life moments we experience, into tales that make us think about how we can change in order to better accept one another. I want to address how our past is affecting our present and how our present can shape our future; regardless of how good or bad this may seem. I want to do this in the form of drama, music, dance, and art.

In addition, I want to take the arts and use it to repair our broken education system. During my two and a half years as a freelance teaching artist in Hartford, CT, I can not even begin to explain how so many of our students are lacking in their reading and writing skills. It blows my mind to see students succeed at tweeting, facebooking, and text messaging, but struggle to complete a short, five-word sentence. If my presence in the arts can express the need in building up our students to become confident and intelligent individuals who will lead our world, then I know an important part of my job as an artist is fulfilled.

Now, if this causes me to be broke by the end of it all, then so be it. But, this is the dream. The dream is to work towards creating a better understanding of you and me through the magic of art.

So, let’s do it. Let’s drive down the Road to 30 and Broke.

Kat the Artist


2 thoughts on “On the Road to 30 and Broke

    • Thank you! I’m feeling like everything is happening as it should right now. Although it’s been difficult, but when you are pursuing something you are extremely passionate about, nothing is ever easy. Thank you and keep checking in!

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